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Founded in 2003, Initial Drift Australia is proud to be the first car club in Australia to be sanctioned by the Confederation of Australian Motor Sports (CAMS) under the new "Drifting" category. This allows drifting events to be run at closed circuits with all the safety of a normal track event. With over 100 events to our credit, IDA has run events ranging from beginner drift schools to full 32-car competition events at Oran Park, Eastern Creek and Wakefield Park, as well as put demonstrations on for the likes of Procar, the Australian Rally Championship and Superlap.

IDA isn't just a club run by administrators. A dedicated team of drifters who have been involved in the club for many years make sure that every event is enjoyable for beginners right through to experienced drifters. Incorporated as a not for profit organization means any profits raised at our track days go back into the club to make it better.

How did it start?

The original council members (Dougan McMurray, Steve Brennen, Matthew Robinson, James Mijoc and Peter McIntyre) all shared a common passion being Japanese imports. In the early days when we all met, cruises to destinations around the state to have BBQ's and meet and greet's with other like minded members of the community were arranged.

In 2002 Dougan kicked us into gear after not having a place to practice drifting and we began the process of getting drifting recognized as a motorsport. In 2003 we arranged a demonstration at Eastern Creek's driver training center (know by drifters as "The Peanut") and invited CAMS and track officials to see what drifting was all about. They liked what they saw and the definition was written and rules created and we were officially a Drifting Club. Alexi Smith and Josh Young joined the council after we got things going.

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Where is it now?

These days things have slowed down for IDA, with the limited access of venues we now call Wakefield Park our home track. Peter is now the President and the other council members have moved on to focus their time on other interests. Linda McCarthy, Alan Soldo, Adrian Solah and Chris Soldo now assist with running the club among the numerous volunteers. We are focusing efforts in sourcing new venues that are safe for members and participants. Peter is also the Vice Chairman of the NSW Drifting comity formed by CAMS which hoped to point the sport in the right direction to ensure it will be around for years to come!